Sliding Fee Schedule

Health Centers Detroit Foundation, Inc. offers a sliding fee schedule to all it’s patients based on certain criteria set by HRSA. This schedule offers reduced fess and a nominal fee for services received. Qualification for this fee adjustment is based on the patients ability to pay and their level of income. For an in depth look at the Sliding Fee Scale offered, click here.

The following principals are used for the Sliding Fee Schedule…

  • No aspect of the Sliding Fee Discount Schedule Program, including HCDF’s fees themselves, the procedures for assessing patient eligibility, or the procedures for collecting payments, will create barriers to health care services.
  • HCDF’s Sliding Fee Scale will be adjusted every year approximately a month after the the new poverty guidelines are available and our Board of Directors has approved it.
  • All services within HCDF’s approved scope of project for which HCDF charges patients are eligible for the Sliding Fee Schedule program and are available to patients regardless of their ability to pay.
  • Income verification and the family size of the patient is required to be collected from the patient by HRSA. This verification will happen on yearly basis. Income can be verified by one of the following items
    • W2 form.
    • Pay stub from most recent pay check.
    • Verification of unemployment and/or social security benefits.
    • A patient’s employer may provide a letter indicating current gross income for each pay period.

The current Sliding Fee Scale approved by our Board and in use at HCDF, Inc can be downloaded below.

Sliding Fee Schedule | 61 KB