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Sliding Fee Discount Program

The sliding fee scale is available to ALL patients of Health Centers Detroit Foundation, Inc
As an FQHC Look-Alike HCDF is operated in a manner such that no patient shall be denied service due to an individual’s inability to pay. A such, HCDF prepares a schedule of fees or payments for the provision of its services consistent with locally prevailing rates or charges, and is designed to cover its reasonable costs of operation and prepares a corresponding schedule of discounts known as the SFDS, or Sliding Fee Discount Schedule, that is approved each year by the HCDF Board. The SFDS can be applied to the payment of fees or payments.

The discounts are adjusted on the basis of your ability to pay and does require that some proof of level of income be provided to HCDF so you can be placed in the correct discount group. There are 4 different levels of discounts available between 100% and 200% of the current FPL for which a nominal fee is charged.

You can download HCDF's current 2020 SFDS here.

You can download HCDF's SFDS Application here.

The HCDF Board has defined a family as “Those persons living in the household.”